Young Filmmakers

NAFCo’s Young Filmmakers Club:

The Northern Appalachian Film Collective, NAFCo, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation located in DuBois, PA.  We have started a NAFCo Young Filmmakers Club  for students from Grade School through High School ages.  The club is for anyone interested in making videos, acting, writing, vlogging, or other aspects of making videos.  The club is free to join.

There will plan to hold two meetings per month.

  • The first will be a planning, sharing, training, and socializing meeting held at a restaurant in the DuBois Area.
  • The second will be a practical meeting where the group will meet at a predetermined location for a video shoot, or at a meeting place, and then car pool to the shooting location. At the location the members will get hands on experience using various types of camera, audio, and other video making equipment with instruction from more experienced filmmakers and they will actually shoot a short film or other video project. They will have an opportunity to act in these short videos.  They will have an opportunity to produce and shoot materials they have written.

Today we are surrounded by video from television, to movies, to video games, to social media.  This is just how things are.  Millions of kids around the world are also producing and sharing video on social media platforms that include YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Snapchat, TikTok, and a dozen others.  New types of videos are being created that did not exist twenty years ago.  These include various challenges – like the ice bucket challenge – where each individual video is shared online as a part of a worldwide community, Vlogs – video versions of written blogs, Game channels – videos showing people playing video games, and live streams.  Older forms of short films, product reviews, and music videos are still popular online. People are making feature films with Hollywood distribution deals using cell phones.

Initial members and officers of the club will be Kaylee Santell, Gayle Bloom, and Kaya Knapp.  They are members of NAFCo itself, and Kaylee is on the NAFCo’s Board of Directors. Adult mentors at this time are Paul Garretson, Barb Garretson, and Karen Wineberg, all of whom have ChildLine clearances.  At least through the first year the Kid’s Club will be free to join.  Membership in the parent organization – NAFCo – is $24 per year or free through volunteering opportunities and is open to the kids and their parents.

The goal of the club is to create a community among young people in the region who are making videos or interested in some aspect of video making and to provide an opportunity to share expertise and ideas among members of that community.  Even if someone typically works by themselves, membership in a community of like-minded individuals provides inspiration and encouragement, increases the amount of material produced, and improves the quality of what is produced.

Videomaking is more often a collaborative effort among a number of people.  This club will provide a chance to work with others in the same age bracket and level of experience to make videos, to work as part of a crew, and to gain experience in different aspects of the process.  The club members will have a chance to learn how to use various types of filmmaking equipment, how to write a short film they can produce, and how to act in front of a camera. If someone is interested in vlogging online, they will gain perspective on best practices and be pointed to resources that can help.  In addition the members will have access to others within NAFCo who have worked on feature length motion pictures, documentaries, and television programs.  They will have access to people who have experience acting in both videos and on stage.