Filmmaking Ideas

Here are some ideas to get yourself started in filmmaking

Option 1:  Story Boarding – Here is a two page script “Snowfall” that could be filmed in an afternoon.  Read over the script and try to figure out what kinds of shots you would use to best tell the story.  Close-ups, from a distance, whatever.  You know about different kinds of shots from watching tv and movies.  See the story playing out in your head like a movie. Draw a series of story boards showing what each scene should look like, where the cameras should be placed in the shot, and any notes about how it should be shot.  Think of it as a cartoon version of the story script.  It doesn’t need to be great art.  Simple is better.  Use cartoon sick figures, scribble all over with notes, whatever you need to explain how the shot should look.  What about sound?  Besides the dialog, what sounds would you want to capture or include in the video? We can go out and try to shoot it another day.

Option2:  Write a short script.  If you were submitting a script to a contest or to a producer it would need to be formatted in a very particular way.  This is a script just for you and the others in the club, so just write it however you want so long as it makes sense.  This will be something we can actually try to film, so here are some guidelines or instructions to make a script that is able to be filmed. 1) It should be short 1 ½ to 2 pages at most, this will work out to be about 5 minutes or so of video.  1a) it should be set in one location so that everything doesn’t need to be packed up and moved between shots. 2) First figure out your overall plot – what is going to happen and why.  Write that down.  3) Figure out the characters in the story.  You should have from 1 to three characters.  More than that and it becomes too complicated for a short film.  4) Give your characters a name.  5) Each character in the story should want something.  There is an old joke that every character in a story must want something even if it is just a glass of water.  That is true.  Write down what each character wants.  6) If for example you wanted to make a superhero there are things you should or should not do.  The character should not be perfect, should not be super powerful, and should not be able to do everything.  What makes a good story is when a character is facing a problem, he struggles to overcome the problem, then finally in the end he succeeds.  If the character is too powerful or can do everything, then there is no struggle, and without struggle there isn’t a real story.  7) If you have a villain or bad guy, do not make him all bad. Do not make everything he does be based on him trying to be evil.  In real life even bad people convince themselves that they are doing what is best for themselves, and maybe for others also.  So maybe have the guy gives money to an orphanage, or rescues puppies.  Give him some good qualities so that people can see a bit of themselves even in the bad guy.  8) Figure out how the story ends.

Option 3: Do a live broadcast on YouTube or Facebook.  Yuuko (Kaya) live-streams on a regular basis and can show everyone how to do it.  You could live stream from any one of your own YouTube channels, or you can do a livestream from the NAFCo YouTube Channel.  Kaylee is one of the administrators of the channel.  Plan out a series of live stream events or shows. The biggest money maker on YouTube last year was 8-year-old Ryan Kaji, creator of Ryan’s World, who earned $26 million last year alone. He has been doing toy reviews for four years now.

Option 4:  Set up a YouTube channel of your own.  Yuuko or Kaylee can show you how to do it.  FYI: If under 13, you will need to get your parent’s permission to do so and the account should be a family blogging account under their name.