Filmmaking for Younger Kids

You know more about making videos than you think.  You see television programs, videos on the internet, and movies at the theater.  There are millions of people posting on YouTube and other websites.  From watching all of these videos you have seen many different kinds of camera shots.  You know about how stories work, both from watching videos and from reading.  Making a video is just putting together pieces of video taken with a camera so that they tell a story.

Any device that can shoot video at all can be used to make a short film.  You don’t need a million dollars’ worth of equipment to get started making short movies.  Films shot on cell phones have been shown in movie theaters all across the country.  I found a Barbie doll with a built in camera.  The picture quality isn’t great, but you could shoot a short movie with the camera on the doll.

There are many jobs that need to be done when making a short movie.  Somebody must write the story.  Someone must run the camera.  Someone may need to hold an extra microphone to get better sound.  You may need actors to play parts in the story.  Someone should edit the shots to make everything fit together.

Some short movies can be made by just one person. One example would be a vlog –a video blog hosted by you and posted online by your parents.  Other short movies need more people.  There is no reason why you can’t shoot movies with your friends in your free time. Different people can do different jobs, and the next time you make a movie you can switch jobs and do a different job.  It is more fun to make videos with friends than it is to make them by yourself.

The NAFCo Young Filmmaker Club will help you find other kids who also want to make videos and you will learn about making videos.  Members of the club will get together regularly to make several short videos.  You will get to try different jobs as part of the video crew.  You will get to use and learn about different types of equipment used– cameras, microphones, tripods, lights, etc.  You will learn about the process of making videos.  And most of all, you will have fun.