Press Passes

NAFCo is a 501(c)(3) non-profit media corporation based in DuBois, PA dedicated to promoting filmmaking and the arts in the Northern Appalachian Region.We are dedicated to promoting filmmaking in all of its aspect from video journalism, documentary film, video blogging, short films, and feature narrative films. Press passes have been issued to select members who are engaged in journalistic, documentary film, and video blogging to serve as identification as a working journalist.

The following people have been issued ID/Press Passes through NAFCo:


Edward Frank

Karen Wineberg

Braiden Ross

Nikki Cherry

Maddie Cherry

Perry Langill

Kaylee Santell

Mac Knapp (Micheala Knapp)

Yuuko Slug (Kaya Knapp)

James Neiger

Paul Garretson

Barb Garretson

Gayle Bloom