NAFCo Region

NAFCo networks, serves, and facilitates filmmaking in 86 counties including most of the northern Appalachian region. We understand that Pittsburgh and Erie have theri own vibrant filmmaker groups.  The inclusion of these  cities simply reflects our desire to work with and to network with these exisiting communities for the enrichment of all of our mutual filmmaking goals.

What NAFCo means to your area:

Networking: finding and contacting actors, film crew, writers, producers, musicians, and other filmmakers near you

Location scouting : reference, utilize, and even help build a filming location library with directions and related information

Meetings & Mixers : set up local filmmaking events to easily attend in person

Hometown pride : showcase, encouage, and promote your community through filmmaking

Local businesses : put your business in the spotlight by helping facilitate responsible filmmaking at your location