NAFCo Winter Film Festival 2021 – Online Event

NAFCo is holding a Winter Film Festival as an internet streaming event on February 26-28, 2021. We will be doing a live stream on our YouTube Channel:  and Live on Facebook on our webpage:   The streaming will begin at 5 pm New York Time on Feb 26, 2021, and run through Feb 28, 2021 at 8 pm.  Each film will be shown twice, and a third time beginning Sun Feb 28 at 5 pm if they are a category winner. All live stream files will be deleted from YouTube after the event.

Here are the selections for the NAFCo Winter Film FestIval from the current round of FilmFreeway submissions. I have four other films that also will be included in the festival that we received but were not shown in the Halloween Festival.

Films Accepted:

Screening Schedule:

The schedule will be posted once it is finalized on our Facebook page and on our website:  

Currently Available on YouTube and Vimeo

These are some films that are openly available to be seen on YouTube or Vimeo that were included in the final film selections.

New Podcast:—NAFCo-Winter-Film-Festival-2021-eqri6f/a-a4nj0fp


It will be a few days, but everyone who is a category winner, or a judges award winner will be able to download Laurels for their wins from the FilmFreeway website.

Best Drama by a Young Filmmaker
“The Night For Witchcraft”
by Anhelina Chernyshova

Best Animation by a Young Filmmaker
“The Moth”
by Evangelina Sarett

Best Documetary by a Young Filmmaker
“Exit Stage Right”
by Marc Stoufer III

Youngest Filmmaker
“Kikki Racoon The Movie”
by Jade Evangelista

Best Actress
Lorena Loria B.
for “Dance”

Best Actor
Jay Jay Jegathesan
for “Soul Catcher”

Best Stage Performance
Dawn Shepard
for “Artist in the Black”

Production Design
by Jack Allen

Best Cinematography
by Abdul Hamid Mandgar

Best Cinematography/Lighting
by Jacob Stauff

Best Film Social Commentary
by Nicolas Jofre

Best Horror
by Young Kim

Best Science Fiction
“Proyecto Eolo”
by Daro Ceballos

Best 1 Minute Film
“17 Seconds”
by Patrick Benedict

Best Drama
“Everything Will Be Fine”
by Christina Milotaeva

Best Comedy
“Patrick J. Reilly Auditions For The New York Mets”
by Patrick J. Reilly

Best Documentary
“Dance of Love”
by Mohammad Farajzadeh

Best Animation
“A Little Gift For You”
by Roberto A. Padilla Sobrado

Best Film
“Dance of Love”
by Mohammad Farajzadeh

Judges Awards Drama
“A Letter to the Sky”
“A Short Story About Love”
“An Inheritance of Water”
“Kill Kill”
“Let Me Still Be Your Son”
“Little Player”
“Nine Caliber Christmas”
“Red Window”

Judge Awards Comedy
“A Day In The Life of A Pint”
“Absurd Man”
“Client Oriented Assassins”
“Girl Scout Cookies”
“Kidnapping Gone Wrong”
“Okay Bear With Me”
“Paqui Conchi and The End of the World”
“The Davenport Diaries”
“The Delusional Man”

Judges Awards Documentary
“Clay and The Camera”
“Five Murals”
“Keepers of the Magic Lantern”
“The Bag Man”

Judges Awards Animation
“A Cold Day”
“Better Luck Next Time”
“The Intextigator 2”

Film Screening Schedule:

The times listed below represen the screening times, from the beginning of each block, that each individual film will be streamed. For example the film “Comfortable Silence” lists a screening time of 2:29:17 – that means in this time zone EDT (NYC time GMT -5) that since the film bloc begines at 5 pm this film will be screened at 7:29:17 pm Friday and again at 7;29:17 am Saturday morning. The times should be accurate to within minute of the actual screening time.

For those people around the world in differnt time zones, you can look at this website: to convert the times below to your local time. Go to the website, select EDT (or New York City) for our time zone and then select the time zone for where you are located.

This block, in light gray will be screened starting at 5 pm Friday, Feb 26, and again starting at 5 am Saturday, Feb 27.

This block, in light blue will be screened starting at 5 pm Saturday, Feb 27, and again starting at 5 am Sunday, Feb 28.