NAFCo Pet Video Contest

Video Your Pet Contest

Let’s have an online video contest. From now until April 12, 2020 at midnight create a short film featuring your pet. The video should be 1-5 minutes in length and may be of any genre. You may produce a Cinema Vérité, documentary, fictional story (for example a video in which your pet is the hero), a film shot from the perspective of your pet, anything you can imagine. Use of the MyTalking Pet app is allowed. Upload the film to Facebook, YouTube, or Vimeo and post a link to the video here on the Public Film Group by midnight on the 12th. I will judge them completely arbitrarily and capriciously and pick a winner. No prizes are offered.


Jeff Albers . April 12:  Albers Zoo

Our pet contest entry. My 3 daughters put this one together on their own. I asked them to make an educational video for a friends kid to help decide on a pet. I think they did great!