Michael Gafner

Michael Gafner von Boettenberg NAFCo Board Member

Warren, PA
Focus: Creative Production, Directing, Writing, Cinematography, Editing including Pre-production, Production, Post-production.
Other Affiliations: COFASA, Boonies International Film Festival, Writer’s Guild of America East
Contact: mawfilmworks@gmail.com

Michael Gafner is a filmmaker, writer, and producer. He is currently working on an short film titled A Beer or Ten with Mike & Andy which serves as an introduction to the failed utopia of Stillwater, an unusual island country in the North Atlantic where the government is subservient to it’s people…for better or worse.

Michael prefers to work with Panasonic camera equipment, though he is also familiar with Canon, Nikon, Sony, Red, and Blackmagic cameras. He has participated in several film festivals in the past including the 2012 and 2013 Creative Minds Film Festivals, the 1st Annual Sawmill Film Festival, and the 2016 Rock ‘n’ Reel Film and Music Fest as well as the 2014, 2015, and 2017 Pittsburgh 48hr Film Project. When it comes to writing, Michael usually focuses on drama and political Intrigue. His newest venture is the creation of a video game development company called MaW Softworks, where he will serve as a writer and producer and role-playing games and character driven adventure games.