MaW Mediaworks

MaW Mediaworks is an entertainment company that specializes in the production of independent film in the northwestern part of Pennsylvania. One of our great focuses in our endeavors is to bring artistic opportunity to an area of Pennsylvania that does not usually see film production in their communities. Aside from this, it is also our hope to bring local businesses and residents together in a community endeavor. MaW Mediaworks and Maw Filmworks is operated by NAFCo Member Michael Gafner – owner/director, Adrew Hulse, and Heas Writer NAFCo Member Adam Ristau.

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Howitzer Tales

Our primary project is titled Howitzer Tales, which is an adventure series of short films that take place in the future and places a focus on dynamic characters who not only find themselves in a world plagued by civil unrest, but also in a world where they are plagued by the depths of their own mind. The project has themes of personal triumph, mental illness, and moral corruption.