James Andrew Neiger

James Neiger   NAFCo Board Member (Founding Member)    Treasure Lake, PA
Focus:Lighting and electrical, film and stage acting, film, theatre, and music production
Other Affiliations: 
West PA Productions, Cultural Resources Inc at the Paul G. Reitz Theater Board member
Contact: james@westpaproductions.com      814-505-4148

   James’ expertise is Lighting and Electrical, though he draws upon a breadth of experience in Producing, Acting and Performing for Film, as well as the Stage. Howitzer Tales: the Lonesome Road Begins is the largest film project that James has lent his lighting abilities to, bringing to life a number of night-time scenes in the deep woods and in a long, unlit and unpowered alleyway. Other Film projects include: lighting for INK (2016 48-hr film contest submission), as well as acting roles in Howitzer Tales (supporting role as Armed Guard), 2014 DuBois Film Fest People’s Choice Award Winner The Final Waltz (lead role as Kevin), and Temptation (mysterious man & zombie).
As the President of West PA Productions, his own creative business endeavor, James has produced the Annual Rock’n’Reel Music & Film Festival in DuBois since 2016. He thinks of this event as “an opportunity for NAFCo members, as well as local Musicians and Artists to collectively showcase their talents and abilities.” He truly enjoys the collaboration of such a fine group of individuals, and the experience of bringing art to life in a small, rural town like DuBois.
As a founding member of NAFCo, James looks forward to being involved in many more Film projects and continuing to grow the Film industry in the Northern Appalachian Region.