About NAFCo

The Northern Appalachian Film Collective (NAFCo) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation based in DuBois, PA dedicated to promoting filmmaking and the arts in the Northern Appalachian Region

  • NAFCo is working with local non-profits, companies, and governmental agencies to achieve these goals.
  • NAFCo is hosting film screenings and film festivals that allow local filmmakers to show their films and to meet with the general public.
  • These events provide networking opportunities for filmmakers, technicians, actors and others.
  • These film exhibitions serve to acquaint the general public with our group and provide a gateway to introduce the public to a broader spectrum of film experiences and integration with other forms of art.
  • . NAFCo is organizing workshops to teach about different aspects of filmmaking from location scouting, to documentary filmmaking, to acting, and to editing.
  • NAFCo members are participating in a variety of films being made throughout the region.

During this pandemic, NAFCo social gatherings are on indefinite hold, but NAFCo members are still busy planning events, projects, workshops, and eventual community interactions to be ready to go when the light breaks at the end of the tunnel.
We encourage you to keep creating and JOIN us for a bright future of film and arts in our area!